Tag: Winter


“On a starry night and a gentle flight, a sleigh is bound to come tonight. Nine reindeer to pull through the starry sky and hopeful children who stay up at night. It was winter, it is always winter. Every. Single. Day. Every snowflake fluttered lightly through the air as the children watched outside their windows,…

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Valor: Memories

There was a memory of a scattered set of thumbtacks dropping onto the ground as one king lost his temper. An alliance once forged to keep peace no longer could withstand the weight of a kingdom’s desperation. There was no such thing as content while there was more to be gained. Yet the situation stood…

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Noel: Stray Fiction

Every step he took was light and cautious. Something happened to that cottage, Noel knew full-well that he was once sitting down while writing in the journal. Those pine trees he saw as well, they couldn’t possibly be a hallucination, they were so vivid and lively out in the snow. But reality suggested that neither…

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