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How bad does one crave the light?So much so that they stare at the sun?Of course not, that would be daft.But in turn, that does not mean one embraces darkness. With a mentality coated with bloodlust,Such a simple concept is never understood. Part One

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Ch4pter Soleil???: Spi-

No one. Did one expect a miraculous savior to rain from the sky to save a damned damsel in distress? As if such a lucky break was caught in all those moments. Canonically, that was always the case. Every, single, time. How does a third kick sound? To the gut, no less. Soleil gagged with…

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How Peace is Obtained

“All women are queens.”“If she breathes, she’s a thot.” Conflicts that are confusing for those who wish for peace, for one who is content with their way of living wishes not for something else. But then there are those who let their freed break the peace, and now who should one fight for? What lines…

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Sole Captain

Developing a map for where I hid my riches made for some unfortunate casualties, but what were the lives of a few in exchange for a challenge? Perhaps what is known in the afterlife to me is equivalent to nothing, but to see the younger adventurers make attempts at obtaining what they didn’t earn is…

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Chapter Soleil: Rehearsal

One will find that repetition in Winterland seasons is unusual, for blank slates of all worlds may as well be one with different filters. What does this imply? Imagine a setting where the Season is not on their own. No, quite the opposite. This Season knows nothing but life and people all around her. Granted,…

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