Tag: Spring

April: Through Seasons

Waking up felt as normal as every other time, rather than the miserable cold harshly pressing against her skin. Below her back was a soft surface, mattress-like, though she knew little of such a feeling. Though her eyes were unable to clear up the blurry vision, her ears caught wind of a jotting pen in…

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April: Cold as Ice

A couple days passed and a lost Season that couldn’t adapt to the cold would find themselves buried under snow. Presume that one is able to live through such harsh climates, they would find themselves starving past the first day. Desperation caused Spring to drop the heavy book in her hands, letting it sit onto…

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April: A Frame of Time

“Got it.” A flash of the camera followed and a photo slipped out of the rearend of it, though it stopped halfway through for her pale fingers to grip. An amazing first shot of the meadows, the feel of the camera strap around her neck, this was something for her to enjoy as a hobby.…

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