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How bad does one crave the light?So much so that they stare at the sun?Of course not, that would be daft.But in turn, that does not mean one embraces darkness. With a mentality coated with bloodlust,Such a simple concept is never understood. Part One

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Garden of Thiris???

“A young lady walks through a misty gardenFoolish eyes gazing with regret and despairFor her mind was trapped in a boundless mazeHer skin was so perfect, yet her optimism was beyond repair.” –Noel Lynir … “Did one enjoy such a swift poem? Without satisfaction comes starvation, starvation to not be sated by this author. So…

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Light? Darkness?What is one without the presence of the other?Good? Bad?What does it matter when all will face justice anyways? Without the presence of one, The other does not exist.Even if they were seen by the strongest eyes,Under a radiating blue sky. Flow, four letters and the gentle waters swish,Yet there is no structure within…

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Noel, he is merely a mistake.Only he can rewrite realityEvery word his lips emitLet them find their way towards this paper. Perhaps Writer made a mistakeHe desired an obedient vessel to create a worldOf all the ones who could possess the strengthEndless access went to the hands of a lost childNo longer will he travel…

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