Is there any way to add this into the story?

No. But it’s okay!

Hello, you have reached the commissions for short stories created by Noel! Totally an honor. Stories created this way are written in the same style as the stories used for the blog, so feel free to look over those to understand what may be received.

I use Google Docs to deliver. Nice pretty links like this.

Now let’s get onto the prices! These are for the hot cocoa funds.

Short Story – $3.00 USD up to 500 Words ( +$1.00 USD per additional 100 words if requested)
Poem: $2.00 USD
Haiku: $1.00 USD

OC: No Additional Charge
Fanfiction: +$2.00 USD

*Done via Paypal

Still with me? Great! If you are interested, feel free to send me an e-mail that includes the type of literature you desire as well as a prompt to go off of.

E-mail –

Can’t Do:
-Controversial (Politics, Religions, etc.)
-Personal Info (Boi)

Can Do:
Anything else pretty much! OCs, fanfics, other genres, etc. Just keep these in mind.

-OC: A summary is good, but give details for their personality and appearance for accuracy
-Fanfictions: I’ll take a stab at researching, but there may be a few errors at first if I am unsure of the original franchise.

Wouldn’t Recommend:
Romance – I mean, I can! I’ll almost guarantee the story is over five-hundred words unless this starts in the middle of something.

Not satisfied with what you received? Enlighten me, for every detail matters! I’ll edit it to suit your preferences.




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