Category: Semi-Realistic

A Bottle Or Two

It has been a long day and Yviera stressed far too much over the ruling of the council. They were bound to banish her friend for supposed treason, it wouldn’t be long before they found her. The interrogation couldn’t spill her name, showing that there was faith between them that they will get out somehow.…

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Boba Cups

Sweet hazelnut nectar with honey gummy orbs at the bottom, every single one disappearing along with the drink. A massive straw to take the spheres from the ground of the plastic cup, all for a cheap half a dozen dollars. With pricing like that, every sip must taste literal gold. For Noah, he considered it…

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Eyes on the Field

“Your majesty, we are losing ground!” Knight called out desperately from the side, only to be rushed down by an unexpected peasant with a lance in his grip. A helmet possessed four small slits for air to enter, the one to the furthest right instead being used to lodge the lance inside. The sadistic look…

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