Category: Fantasy

The Sky is Falling

It seems like every step I take crack the surface, the blue fading below my feet as the ants below tremble. They were swift to scatter upon the arrival of the solidified shade of blue. What they saw would blind them, for they could not see what laid beyond the barrier. Space? Perhaps in another…

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Every cell in my body fades, yet my curious eyes could see it so clearly. This was nothing real, yet there was no waking up. Wind. A gentle breeze to compliment my new form. But in turn, the feeling of the earth below me was rough, painful in fact. Simply existing on top of it…

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Valor: Redemption

“Hmph.” A dismissive taunt was used to acknowledge Niko. A man with black heavy armor looked down with beady golden eyes merely sneered at the thought of a battle ending so quickly after all the build-up. Threats to prevent the total war that broke out between two kingdoms, yet this was all the strength one…

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