Category: Chapter: April

April: A Shift in Tone

Nothing for any amount of distance, fruitless efforts to find anything in the span of a month. Could one imagine something so hopeless? In the land of theoretical, absolutely. But with one’s limited knowledge, the agony of looking around hopelessly was numbing. If there truly was nothing, could one explain the need for her to…

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April: Split Path

The season of winter chose to enter the cottage and take from it. What did spring decide to do with it? As she entered inside of the cottage, her eyes locked onto a… Was that a film roll coated in gold coating? Little did she know that the color did not affect the results of…

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April: A Frame of Time

“Got it.” A flash of the camera followed and a photo slipped out of the rearend of it, though it stopped halfway through for her pale fingers to grip. An amazing first shot of the meadows, the feel of the camera strap around her neck, this was something for her to enjoy as a hobby.…

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