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Care to read a few tales? I just happen to have a few!

Valor: Redemption

“Hmph.” A dismissive taunt was used to acknowledge Niko. A man with black heavy armor looked down with beady golden eyes merely sneered at the thought of a battle ending so quickly after all the build-up. Threats to prevent the total war that broke out between two kingdoms, yet this was all the strength one…

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Eyes on the Field

“Your majesty, we are losing ground!” Knight called out desperately from the side, only to be rushed down by an unexpected peasant with a lance in his grip. A helmet possessed four small slits for air to enter, the one to the furthest right instead being used to lodge the lance inside. The sadistic look…

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Cookies and Cream

Samantha and Matthew sat on the couch with a pack of cookies in front of them on the glass table. There was a movie playing on the flatscreen, though there was little substance to the story about it. Due to the poor performance of the rented movie, the couple began to ridicule the flaws of…

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Noel: Traceless World

“Hm…” Noel looked down at the works he had in front of them. Two so far, not the most appealing two for people to enjoy either. Sure, they possessed some sort of moral, but did he want to start lecturing? Entertainment couldn’t possibly be about mere life lessons in the form of writing. One would…

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Coffee Cups

Comfort was found in a caffeinated beverage on a cold winter night for Melissa. A couple days have passed since Christmas, but the festivities were still active in the middle of Manhattan. Walking around in ten-degree weather was never the most appealing activity to do without a reliable cup within her hands. Despite the dominant…

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A young woman held a soft gaze upon the clear waters, the rush of the falls pouring into it becoming white noise. It’s been a while since the moment that took all life away from the calming waters, yet there she stood. Surviving the madness of a crooked world, where even the peaceful are unable…

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Welcome to Winterland

“Fiction influences reality far more than reality influences itself.”— Noel Winter Welcome to Winterland, where winter never ends in the dome holding all snow that falls. Inside, there is one mind to entertain what Noel is unable to influence, dedicating his heart to short excerpts in the hopes of doing what he’s always wished to…

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