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Care to read a few tales? I just happen to have a few!

Valor: Memories

There was a memory of a scattered set of thumbtacks dropping onto the ground as one king lost his temper. An alliance once forged to keep peace no longer could withstand the weight of a kingdom’s desperation. There was no such thing as content while there was more to be gained. Yet the situation stood…

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I let the rope around my finger unravel as the plastic circle reached its end, then it came back up to my finger with no rope left in the middle. It was snowing, and this was the best idea for one to have a good time? The internet seemed to provide some form of entertainment…

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The Story of Nothing

It’s literally nothing. Or perhaps something if you consider this dialogue entertainment. Welcome, I’m sure you’ll find some value in reading this. Maybe not. But you are still here regardless. One might call this an aimless ploy to fill an uninspired mind. And you’re right. Not many ideas came from these photos anyways, and here…

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Noel: Stray Fiction

Every step he took was light and cautious. Something happened to that cottage, Noel knew full-well that he was once sitting down while writing in the journal. Those pine trees he saw as well, they couldn’t possibly be a hallucination, they were so vivid and lively out in the snow. But reality suggested that neither…

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Valor: Redemption

“Hmph.” A dismissive taunt was used to acknowledge Niko. A man with black heavy armor looked down with beady golden eyes merely sneered at the thought of a battle ending so quickly after all the build-up. Threats to prevent the total war that broke out between two kingdoms, yet this was all the strength one…

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Eyes on the Field

“Your majesty, we are losing ground!” Knight called out desperately from the side, only to be rushed down by an unexpected peasant with a lance in his grip. A helmet possessed four small slits for air to enter, the one to the furthest right instead being used to lodge the lance inside. The sadistic look…

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