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Care to read a few tales? I just happen to have a few!

April: A Frame of Time

“Got it.” A flash of the camera followed and a photo slipped out of the rearend of it, though it stopped halfway through for her pale fingers to grip. An amazing first shot of the meadows, the feel of the camera strap around her neck, this was something for her to enjoy as a hobby.…

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Noel: Creation Beyond Mercy

Was this the turn Noel needed? Regardless, the fiery paralysis originally coursing through his body didn’t reappear for a second round. His words changed fiction, just like that. So the mirror image of him was correct, but why be blessed with such a gift? His purpose was to entertain with the words in his head,…

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A Belated Confession

Chocolates and flowers. Perhaps a little late, but did one’s love expire after the holiday has passed? Absolutely not. Though it is unfortunate that you received no gifts, but you’re already content with that, correct? This is the age for dating, it’s time to expect something and give something in return! It’s a ploy made…

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One Click

A stray cursor flicked through the screen aimlessly, like a wandering pair of eyes in a stray meadow. Through its movements were hasty and reckless, every swipe and click gave it a command and control. This was a nice feeling, for the mouse was able to navigate a whole web of sites at the mere…

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“Loves me, love me not. Loves me, loves me not. Loves m-“ “Most guys do this while their crushes are away,” Heather interrupted, rolling her eyes as she kicked her legs against the fence behind them. A certain idiot was playing such a childish game in front of her, on purpose, with her in his…

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Noel: A Fallen Creation

His eyes were forced to daze upon the Phoenix in its glory, from its flames to its feather flicks, not a detail was left unchecked by hollow green eyes. This was absolute insanity, this wasn’t something Noel wanted to believe. Whatever words that were written in his journal had to be tainted, and he didn’t…

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