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Care to read a few tales? I just happen to have a few!

April: A Shift in Tone

Nothing for any amount of distance, fruitless efforts to find anything in the span of a month. Could one imagine something so hopeless? In the land of theoretical, absolutely. But with one’s limited knowledge, the agony of looking around hopelessly was numbing. If there truly was nothing, could one explain the need for her to…

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A Light Tap

The illusion of hearing, where vibration in the air is received by the ears to create audio. Humans have managed to manipulate these waves to create their own instruments at their own free will, those of whom can influence others through those instruments. Music, a common art taught by many, and not a single one…

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“On a starry night and a gentle flight, a sleigh is bound to come tonight. Nine reindeer to pull through the starry sky and hopeful children who stay up at night. It was winter, it is always winter. Every. Single. Day. Every snowflake fluttered lightly through the air as the children watched outside their windows,…

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April: Split Path

The season of winter chose to enter the cottage and take from it. What did spring decide to do with it? As she entered inside of the cottage, her eyes locked onto a… Was that a film roll coated in gold coating? Little did she know that the color did not affect the results of…

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“Ayyyy, guys!” A static microphone with what sounded like a male voice coming through it, though the taps of every keystroke weren’t muddied in the slightest. Pop filters existed, but not in this call. Mike had a ghetto set-up his own, the left ear of his headphones destroyed by the levels of bass they endured…



Light? Darkness?What is one without the presence of the other?Good? Bad?What does it matter when all will face justice anyways? Without the presence of one, The other does not exist.Even if they were seen by the strongest eyes,Under a radiating blue sky. Flow, four letters and the gentle waters swish,Yet there is no structure within…

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Miralyse<3: Hey, you up? [20 Feb 19, 10:16 PM] Ric0de: Lol no. [10 Feb 19, 10:16 PM] Miralyse<3: <_< [10 Feb 19, 10:17 PM] Miralyse<3: I’m almost done, but could I see your data? Kinda could use some answers lol [10 Feb 19, 10:17 PM] Ric0de: Mmmmmm… No. Can’t really copy each other’s data. Gotta…