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Care to read a few tales? I just happen to have a few!


Inside a picture, there was nothing left for me to do but rest within the flattened walls. “Guilty” for a crime I am unable to recall. In fact, there was nothing to recall at all, I was unable to escape a prison frame. Someone else was to blame, but I couldn’t point them out by…

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April: Through Seasons

Waking up felt as normal as every other time, rather than the miserable cold harshly pressing against her skin. Below her back was a soft surface, mattress-like, though she knew little of such a feeling. Though her eyes were unable to clear up the blurry vision, her ears caught wind of a jotting pen in…

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The Letter

A calling was given as the battered swordsman was outnumbered and outclassed. When one attacked, the other followed, and both managed to obtain the upper hand. Unfair battles, but perhaps that was why I fought. To even the odds for the sake of… Neutrality? No, even the light has become an enemy. And so I…

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The Sky is Falling

It seems like every step I take crack the surface, the blue fading below my feet as the ants below tremble. They were swift to scatter upon the arrival of the solidified shade of blue. What they saw would blind them, for they could not see what laid beyond the barrier. Space? Perhaps in another…

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April: Cold as Ice

A couple days passed and a lost Season that couldn’t adapt to the cold would find themselves buried under snow. Presume that one is able to live through such harsh climates, they would find themselves starving past the first day. Desperation caused Spring to drop the heavy book in her hands, letting it sit onto…

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A Bottle Or Two

It has been a long day and Yviera stressed far too much over the ruling of the council. They were bound to banish her friend for supposed treason, it wouldn’t be long before they found her. The interrogation couldn’t spill her name, showing that there was faith between them that they will get out somehow.…

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