Chapter Soleil: Torn

How long has it been? Not a single soul believed him, not a call went without a sudden drop from the ones on the other side. Yet all that progress made within the last few months… Burning it would have been detrimental to him. His world… To be taken from him after so long? No no no, he just needed to rest.

Two weeks, that was all he needed before finally obtaining the will to open up the journal yet again, right to where he was. Facing a fear is what one had to do.

No sudden message, but no story either. At least, none of Soleil. Was this all a hallucination? Inflicted by what?

Whatever the case, one needed to continue writing. So the scene resets, all he had to do what pick up the pen and continue. Going based off of what he remember previously is what he will do, but he wouldn’t be so brave as to try and read what he did previously. In an attempt to salvage his story, he will just work with what he remembered.

The protagonist was Soleil, but the pen refused to offer ink when it met the paper. Empty words for an empty name, perhaps it wasn’t an illusion after all…

In that case, what is going on? What the absolute-

Chapter: Soleil

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