Chapter Soleil: Musician’s Nightmare

A failure lasts for only a day. Nothing should be taken personally. It is best to hold your head up high, hoping for a better tomorrow. How many times did an orchestra member have to repeat that in their head before they want to quit? But once one commits to the life, that was an option sealed away.

Soleil hung her head down in shame, looking down towards the ground a meter below her. The darkness swallowed up the invisible crowd in front of her, not a single breath was taken among them. Behind her? The orchestra was supposed to be there, but she just ruined the rehearsal.

It was unfortunate enough to play in front of her peers, but to be screamed at by Conductor and kicked out of rehearsal added layers and layers of distress. But the doors were always locked, there was no leaving the room. Suspension was the next alternative, where the world shifts around her. To this day, Conductor kept suspension’s mechanics a secret, where everyone but Soleil seemed to disappear.

Not that it was an exclusive punishment for her, other students were given the same treatment. When they were, it was as if they disappeared. In reality, they most likely did, this was a phenomenon that Soleil couldn’t wrap her head around. But it mattered not whether she did or didn’t understand, for there was a task and she failed.

This was her punishment. A few lights to shine down on her, dead silence filling the air to the point one might go insane. Soleil shrugged off the thought, this was something she had grown accustomed to. Who knows? Perhaps she became a psychopath a while ago and kept that in check? Nothing was impossible in this world.

This cold and lonely world. A musician lives on her own.

Call it petty, but musicians took failure seriously. Those who were dedicated never settle for less than their best, so being told her best wasn’t good enough was crushing. Soleil was sure that she practiced hard, but then how did she end up here?

“How DID you end up here?”

Soleil was swift to jolt off of the stage, the sudden masculine voice right behind her being so sudden and loud. The shock factor amplified the results and the musician was not one to land on her feet. This was her first genuine fall, so it was inevitable for her to crash onto her side, rolling forward onto her stomach.

No one was supposed to be here, so why was there another voice that could be heard!? It wasn’t conductor, maybe another student? But how? Suspended musicians weren’t suspended together last she checked!

A few more steps were heard, but Soleil wished to not deal with whoever was approaching. Escape, there had to be an escape! The steps were swiftly coming closer, though they then began to grow silent. Moving, but slowly. Did they know they she was trapped in this auditorium? Whatever the case, she needed to move into the darkness of the audience, maybe she can cry for help and maybe she might be lucky!

It was stupid to hope for such miracles, but it was either that or to confront whoever was coming her way. Now to try and escape this place. First, Soleil scrambled up onto her feet, there was no time to acknowledge the pain of the fall. Pain in the arm was one thing, getting jumped by a stranger with no one else present was something completely different.

“Aw man, don’t run away,” The masculine voice added, causing Soleil to turn to him in response. Some guy with a stupid hat and an even dumber smirking face. But he was holding onto a case, a… Violin case? Wait a second, he wasn’t in the orchestra and he has a violin, meaning- “Look, I got you a gift!”

It didn’t take long for him to raise the case up into the air. Soleil’s eyes rose at the realization of her violin, but she was far too late to take mistakes back. With everything that comes up, everything must eventually come down. The case was closed though, she wouldn’t just leave it open!

She was half correct, but zippers were not exclusive to musicians. Remove the Velcro strip from the violin and enjoy a flying instrument crashing onto the ground. Soleil reached out her right palm, a step closer, and then two. Unfortunately, that was all she managed to muster before impact, landing on the bridge and bouncing.

“N-No!” She cried out, charging desperately for the fallen instrument. It didn’t seem to explode like it should have, landing on the bridge of all things should have been a devastating event for an instrument. Perhaps compromised tone came out of this one, but that was better than nothing at all.

Seems like the capped idiot didn’t think of how resilient a violin could be. Perhaps he was just lucky to have dropped it on a weaker spot, but it was not enough. Still, he was threatening the one thing she had. But all Soleil could focus on was the violin, luckily for the boy.

But it seems like the attempted torment didn’t stop there. Soleil was rushing the instrument with determination while the guy walked, kicking the violin to the side. A good kick that jolted the strings enough for them all to be heard, that was going to be another lovely five minutes of tuning. They just seemed unwilling to break, but the guy would chuckle it off like that was a challenge.

Challenge time would have to arrive sometime later, Soleil cut the distance and her cheeks were burning red hot. That second gave her eyes a chance to refocus on a newer target. A breathing punching bag, this meatsack was DEAD!

“That violin costs more than your soul and I’m going to make you pay with your blood!” Oooo, threats. A lovely way to react to an instrument being dropped and kicked around. Perhaps with the price tag, but what did money do again in an isolated world such as this? Being born with set memories is unfortunate, especially when they didn’t start to make sense. Of course, being blinded by rage was a nice alternative.

There was a smirk on the boy’s face, he didn’t have a morsel of regret or fear. Another reason to hate him, Soleil was ready to take some trophies in the form of teeth! Maybe not the strongest arm to be swung, but the passion should make up for the lack of strength.

Upon reaching closer and closer, Soleil stumbled, feeling something weighing down onto her. Her teeth clenched as he legs pressed up the best they could, but it was as if gravity was amplified. What sort of magic was this supposed to be!? What made things worse was that this was not a relatable feeling, for the boy stood well above her with that same damn smirk. So swift as well, did he even take steps!?

“Not down yet? Hm.” He taunted, though there seemed to be some genuine concern in his tone. For her? Absolutely not. But he did raise a leg for her before thrusting a harsh direct kick towards her gut. Another shock to her body, this time one with pain that hit hard enough to develop a headache. Perhaps that was amplified by the rage and sudden weight shift.

Speaking of the latter, that kick was bound to cause her to fall over further until she was stapled to the ground, clenching her teeth as she tried to look up. All Soleil could do was watch her violin on the ground take another kick against the side of the stage. This time, the kick sandwiched the violin to the wall, causing the bridge to snap and the strings to fly.

“Y-You BASTARD!” Soleil screamed, fury in her voice, the shift of weight affecting her tone none. But what was a voice to a set of kicks? And there were plenty coming to her, for she would see her attacker coming towards her direction. Despite the amount of hatred she expressed, levels of fear like this should not be reached. No one was going to save her from this nightmare, she was bound to sit and take this abuse. For what reason?


Her body trembled as her hip caught a harsh kick. The second was a direct and clean one, echoing throughout the empty auditorium.

Who is going to save someone in an isolated world?

Chapter: Soleil

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