Chapter Soleil: Rehearsal

One will find that repetition in Winterland seasons is unusual, for blank slates of all worlds may as well be one with different filters. What does this imply?

Imagine a setting where the Season is not on their own. No, quite the opposite. This Season knows nothing but life and people all around her. Granted, she didn’t live a life the way one in reality might, no no no. She wasn’t that special Season, for her existence is just like the rest. With memories imbued in that little head of hers, she can act as though she did live a life.

There was only one room she found herself caring for, the rest of the outside world visibly black and white in her eyes. The music room was where life was active. To be more precise, the orchestra room. There was a rehearsal to come in a couple weeks and Soleil needed to prepare! Conductor was going to scream like hell at her to fix her tone, but technicalities like that can perish.

Yes, she was a member of the orchestra. A first violin, no less. Maybe it was truly fun, but Soleil looked at the other groups and reminded herself that she was not them. Sure, perhaps she didn’t get any of the solos for the upcoming concert, but she was content with sitting in the second row. Nothing too special, but nothing pathetic like the violas.

Violas were the ones that typically held the rehearsals. There was a reason why they are joked about in the orchestra community. Even worse, no eye candy among them. What was a queen to do?

The second violins were not too far behind, Soleil could never understand that in the slightest. Whenever she heard them play, she could have sworn she heard them play quarter notes throughout the whole piece. Whatever, at least Sean was handsome enough to justify their existence.

Cellos! They’re all right. They don’t really hold the group back, but they also tend to keep to their little circle. Wasn’t an orchestra about unity or something? Meh, who knows?

Basses. Now they know how to play their instruments. If Soleil were not so short… And perhaps if basses actually had the melody, the bass would have been her choice of instrument. But with the size ratio and her expectations against reality, they are better off even.

“Ms. Summer!” The conductor exclaimed, calling out the stargazed musician. Soleil’s eyes shot up in turn and attempting to feign her resting position as if it had been done the whole time. Unfortunately, she was no actress.

Conductor placed his baton up towards her direction, an invisible line drawing towards the bridge of her nose. If that baton were loaded, it would have been a shot between the eyes.

“You tried,” Conductor quipped, a few violas chuckling immediately after. “Now recite measures 47-59.”

No one objects to the conductor in a rehearsal. Either do what they said or get out. They will have no problem throwing you out for many reasons. It’s not high school, there is no reason to be below average as long as you’re in an orchestra. A rehearsal helps fix things in a group, but practice is for the individual mistakes.

Now was not the time to choke on a mere twelve measures.

“Yes sir.” Soleil replied. Throwing pride to the side was key to becoming successful in an orchestra. It hurt her in the beginning, but she learned to keep her ego in check against her superior. Conductor was the one who guided her, right?

Unfortunately, these measures were not so clear. Many of the connecting notes made for weird transitions, and Soleil was not familiar with the intended rhythm for the first violins either. This was going to be a rocky push through the measures, but she believed that she had enough of an idea to handle this task.

And so the bow would then be placed onto the lowest-pitched string, G. Her pointer finger would press down to prepared the first note, A. It was an uphill battle, but one that could reward her with not being exiled. Soleil could feel the burning eyes of her fellow orchestra members watching and the air was filled with a naked silence that could drive one insane if they stood in it long enough.

Dramatic, perhaps. But performance under critical eyes and ears made even the toughest of musicians shake. If there was a time to make mistakes, it was during rehearsal. Too many of those and there will be no improvements being made in rehearsal. It would be a shame as well since they were cutting so close, for groups usually prepare months in advance.

Soft breaths, yes. Make sure to position the bow hold correctly. It was time to push past her punishment, she must be successful or at least passable.

A musician’s pride was on the line.

Chapter: Soleil

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