Inside a picture, there was nothing left for me to do but rest within the flattened walls.

“Guilty” for a crime I am unable to recall.

In fact, there was nothing to recall at all, I was unable to escape a prison frame.

Someone else was to blame, but I couldn’t point them out by name.

It was too late, I was cast into a portrait of meadows with rain. The pain of being squished against the glass case and my silenced screams went in vain.

Perhaps in a different life I’ll be known by a better name. But this world was just insane.

Now I rest in pieces in a frame, for I have been betrayed. There was a cost I couldn’t pay, for they had gone the wrong way.

To wait for the flames as they consumed the bitter rain, my execution has been delayed.

The pain elongated for another day, but I had nothing left to say.

And so I stay, for I have been framed. Now to endure my fate.


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