The Filler Chronicles 2: Progression

Welcome to the second Filler Chronicle! This one won’t be as stupid as the last one, but I hope you enjoy it anyways.

It’s been a while and I feel an update was in order, there has been a lot of changes that happened and I feel I should address them!

First things first, hey there to anyone just reading this, I am Noel! My current characters are Noel Winter and April Spring, and each last name goes according to a season. They are addressed as Seasons, and I tend to go by real time in order to organize the introductions of the Seasons.

By that logic, expect April’s ending to be finished by the 21st of this month! I’m excited to reveal Summer and should be focused on that rather than writing this.

But nah, we are here for the memes!

Speaking of memes, I have a Twitter! And it has obtained over 100 followers as of recently, so thank you very much for that! I hope to entertain said followers well enough with that. So guys, we did it.

Considering the state of this current main story, I plan to make them canon in the future real soon, so be on the look out for that! With creativity and open space, the world you have can be molded however you please! For example, who is to say that there can only be one story?

No one, but MAIN stories might be a different topic. I plan to implement a second main story onto the blog very soon, the nature of this is much different than the first, but hopefully something just as gripping as the main story. It… Is gripping, right? Right??? So be on the lookout for “The Golden Pages”, a separate path from the main story!

New art has been obtained as well! I’ve been attempting to draw references for my characters better so that the artists I commission don’t have to stare at unfortunate kid doodles and make the best out of it. It’s been quite an interesting process. But with improvement comes speed, and with speed comes the arrival of pictures for the chapters! You probably already know what Noel looks like, but April is still a question mark, though perhaps not completely considering the few details listed about her.

REGARDLESS, more art with the characters are to come basically!

It’s been nice interacting with other writers and artists and I’ve been having a lot of fun. I have more plans for the future and I intend to continuing writing on this blog and branch out into other projects real soon! There is one I have in mind that I won’t spoil quite yet, but it’s in the works as you read this and I can’t wait to proudly announce it to you all.

I’ve been speaking to many new people and people I never dreamed of being able to speak to because of this. I’ve always wanted to write and express my work to the world and this is what brought that to me. Thank you all for sticking with me this far, I’ll do my best to entertain you all with the pieces I write, I have plenty more things to come in the future.

It’s always winter in Winterland. See you in the next one!

-Noel Winter

P.S – Feel free to contact me if you would like something or if you would like to have a genuine chat! I’d love to meet the lot of you!


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