April: Cold as Ice

A couple days passed and a lost Season that couldn’t adapt to the cold would find themselves buried under snow. Presume that one is able to live through such harsh climates, they would find themselves starving past the first day. Desperation caused Spring to drop the heavy book in her hands, letting it sit onto the ground and easing her body of that weight. But there was no gain, other than a loss of stress. This was something impossible for Spring to survive, the sudden shift in the new world. It should come to no surprise when April’s body flopped onto the snow.

In Winter, it is expected for there to be few travelers to pass through, most humans staying inside for a delicious cup of cocoa with their families. But no such thing was a concept, for even those people were not to be seen. It was snowing in the middle of Spring, or so it seemed.

All April could do was sleep, her dry lungs giving weight and her heart beating at a far slower rate. A critical state that the body should not have to endure, yet here she was.

Good luck, April Spring.

Good luck, April Spring.

Good luck, April Spring.

The four words of the message given to her. Luck, four letters stringed to describe the scenario, usually associated by a chain of events. They have been rather poor as of recently, for each event since then just boasted misery and sorry for the young Season. Now she was left alone in an unknown world with no one to cry out to.

But perhaps that was bound to happen regardless. Who was to say she was unlucky in the long run?

For there was one who inhabited the land of snow.

Omniscient perhaps? Not in the slightest, for April landed in an area that happened to be occupied by one of a similar position. But his body reacted well to the cold, not even the harshest windchill would cause his body to shiver uncomfortably. The benefit of winter.

Another desperate traveler, but at least he managed to survive for as long as he had. A lying body was completely different from the nothingness he was used to, but the stranger was cautious to avoid engaging another intended scenario. Soft steps through the snow were taken, not a single one came with an unpleasant surprise.

The crunches of the land then stopped, the loudest being heard a few seconds ago. April’s eyes lacked the energy to open, her body lacking the will to even tremble. Even the slightest whimper couldn’t be emitted from her lips.

It looked like the end. Consciousness was fading, until it wouldn’t fade any longer.

Chapter: April

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