Every cell in my body fades, yet my curious eyes could see it so clearly. This was nothing real, yet there was no waking up. Wind. A gentle breeze to compliment my new form. But in turn, the feeling of the earth below me was rough, painful in fact. Simply existing on top of it felt like my body was ripping open. My attempt to clench my teeth fell short, for there was nothing solid to collide.

In my attempt to take an alternative stance, I aimed to flee the ground. A swift wave of my arms as if they pushed against underwater currents instead of a typical jump. The winds blessed me with a gentle glide upwards, free from the binds of gravity. Air gave soft kisses to my body, melting and merging through it in a comforting way. It was bliss, it was beautiful.

An elemental, that is how I am defined. If I can swim through air above the ground, I cannot revert back to humanity after this discovery. This possessed no restrictive flesh that is bound to the rules of physics, this was a much better alternative. A body of wind, free to fly through the bright sun-soaked air.

Every drop of water in the air, every particle of light shining, I can see them all vividly. They were like cars flowing freely through the streets, traffic jams so foreign as each particle was set free. To become one with them is to be free, right?

Under a starlit sky came a blissful sight, moonlight shining bright as I fade into the night. There is a lost mind taking flight, but this isn’t mere fantasy. No, this was real, this was what has become of me. A wind-coated lady to travel the earthly skies, a passive observer for the next to fly.

What is known? What is unknown? Who truly knows? When one opens up their mind to fantasy, they might move along… With the wind.


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