April: A Shift in Tone

Nothing for any amount of distance, fruitless efforts to find anything in the span of a month. Could one imagine something so hopeless? In the land of theoretical, absolutely. But with one’s limited knowledge, the agony of looking around hopelessly was numbing.

If there truly was nothing, could one explain the need for her to eat? One could attempt to justify it by clarifying that this is fiction. But perhaps one would notice an inconsistency if that was the weak excuse. Poor storywriting could suggest convenient trees to appear in random meadows. You know… Yeah, that’s what will be used.

Lifeless was the land of bliss, for everything was the same and her aching feet seemed to be bringing her nowhere. In this perfect world, the only fear would be the amount of dirt on her legs, not a single cut was present. Nor were insects… Or flowers… This was a hell on Winterland. April could feel herself ready to give in and die.

Bitter and soft were the final steps that she took before she finally fell onto her knees. It was a hopeless slam that shook her body to the core, so much so that her beige sunhat slid off the surface of her head. April’s head was cocked back, hollow golden eyes staring at the blue sky above. It was a beautiful sight… But she has seen this so, many, TIMES!

Where were the cities!? The cafes!? The bookstores!? Malls, where are those!? Nothing in the book was present no matter how far or long she looked, how did she even know such things existed in the first place!? Worthless, useless, trash!

“I… Why… Why am I even here!? Please… I need help… Please… PLEASE!” A wail with tears to follow through, though her body lacked the water to push out those bitter tears. If one couldn’t express sorrow through sadness, anger would have to take the initiative. Impulsive rage guided her body, causing her to throw the book towards the ground.

Who could stop her? The camera around her neck would soon find itself in line for a date with the dirt, a tight grip around the frame. But no such fate came, instead being stopped by the hesitance of the Season. A wise move, who knew if it would come back?

Or perhaps the sudden shift in environment stopped her. It suddenly felt… Cold. Really cold, and windchill wasn’t helping in the slightest.

Windchill in the meadows? Not in the slightest, her legs were coated in heavy levels of snow, soon to reach above her knees if she decided to remain stationary. Naturally, April chose the safer alternative and slowly stepped up onto her feet. The warmth of Spring could only last for so long in this new environment.

Trees, plenty of them. Snow, a heavy amount of it. People… None of those. In fact, she was just as lonely in the moment. Due to being Spring, this was not the environment she was bound to survive in. April would begin to shiver under the atmosphere, the temperature severely lacking compared to her previous home.

No time to think about the nothingness of Spring, right?

Again, Spring… Welcome to Winterland.

Chapter: April

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