A Light Tap

The illusion of hearing, where vibration in the air is received by the ears to create audio. Humans have managed to manipulate these waves to create their own instruments at their own free will, those of whom can influence others through those instruments. Music, a common art taught by many, and not a single one could teach Luca how to play piano properly.

He said as he slammed his fingers against the keys, soon followed with a light tap of his forehead onto the frame. Choking this badly while doing octaves should not be a habit of his, his fingers were shaky and the bags under his eyes were causing them to occasionally twitch. Stress, the concert was in two days.

One could pretend that there were stakes involved, perhaps a contest to win money so that bread can be placed on the table for his family. But there was no family to provide bread for on the table, he just had a rushed meal of cola and chips in fact. A full fridge for him in fact.

The day job perhaps? Sure, it wasn’t necessarily the best, but Luca eyed the walls behind the piano to remind himself that even that wasn’t an excuse. Nothing was breaking down in his apartment, it was a blessing for him to even have them considering his life revolved what he loved.

And what he loved sometimes gave him the motive to hate life, despite the life he lived. What could possibly be the cause of so much stress? A lack of peace could be achieved when one stresses over what they love. If one loved the work they did, it doesn’t feel like work, right?

Luca shook his head as that last question coursed through his mind, knowing damn well that such a rhetorical question was a lie. Music was his passion, yet the fear of failure caused his body to tremble. Rehearsals for such a simple solo, yet he was bound to get scolded if he dared stray from pitch perfect ears. Simple did not mean easy.

Though he loved music, it stressed him. For what reward? The pay was something he didn’t mind, it was the fear of failure. The desire to succeed is what drove him and his orchestra to madness, for this was relatable to all those in his group.

Luca looked to the side, reminding himself of one thing in the group photo with those in the orchestra. Then his lips, though shaky, lost weight just long enough to show a glimpse of a smile. Immediately after their concert, that wave of success, of completion, of love from the crowd, it made this very moment of practice seem like gold.

That’s why he loved music. It didn’t pay much, it was not going to better his lifestyle, but the life of performance was something he enjoyed. Where there is happiness, there is success. Whose success is determined by the words of others when one is happy?

Enough stressing, there was a concert tomorrow. Luca could not wait.

The cycle spins yet again.


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