“On a starry night and a gentle flight, a sleigh is bound to come tonight. Nine reindeer to pull through the starry sky and hopeful children who stay up at night. It was winter, it is always winter. Every. Single. Day. Every snowflake fluttered lightly through the air as the children watched outside their windows, but not once did the old man soar through the sky. Did their eyes believe that they could see past the speed of light? A being so swift and so graceful that he is able to deliver all the presents in the span of a night?

Elves of the shelves were useful and swift, those who watch the children leave their rooms are capable of telling Santa of their misdeeds. Patience was a virtue, was it not? And so the children must wait anxiously, though a better resolution would be to just sleep. For when one enters the land of dreams, they find themselves traveling through time. Could it be magic that causes this? To a child, it may as well be.

The jolly man has never been seen outside of the commercial products, cans of cola being the most prominent of them all. A sugary drink that kept many up when they should be asleep, causing many restless eyes to gaze aimlessly into the ceiling or outside the window if applicable. Though that was mainly used to wash down a cookie before the rest were left out for Santa to enjoy. A little bribery went a long way, but the big man couldn’t possibly fail to understand the concept of sharing.

But no child is immune to the fate set in stone. They wait aimlessly in anticipation until their dreary eyes eventually fall victim to the weight of their eyelids. The struggle to fight for minutes more were futile, for no child could resist the feel of a warm blanket and a soft pillow.

All under a starry night. Merry Christmas.”

-Noel Winter

I feel like… I’m losing track of time…

Chapter: Noel

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