April: Split Path

The season of winter chose to enter the cottage and take from it. What did spring decide to do with it? As she entered inside of the cottage, her eyes locked onto a… Was that a film roll coated in gold coating? Little did she know that the color did not affect the results of a roll so much, but it stood out so bad compared to the typical brown that April possessed in hers.

With a simple look to the side, she looked out the window to see no one coming. It was just a sunny spring day out in the green meadows. Looking back down to the roll of film, she reached out her palm towards it. It didn’t take long for her to freeze, her body tense before she then returned her arm back.

Stealing is wrong… She thought to herself, listening to her conscious. No one was there to take a thing away from her, but this roll did not belong to her. How caring.

Perhaps she believed in the butterfly effect? No, her mind couldn’t process such a risk so quickly when she believes the stuff she did. The mind of a child did not think into the future and her train of thought was not too far off from that of a child. April feels from her conscious. But did kindness earn her brownie points in Winterland?

Now all that she could do was obtain some sleep, the bed looking inviting for the girl to sleep in. A familiar story lingered in her mind, however. Something about a blonde and three bears. But there was one bed and the cottage seemed empty with the exception of the bed, a door to a different room in it, and the bed. Not even a source for food.

There was plenty of time to deal with the uncertain future, but April decided to take her chances. The door was locked and she was likely to hear someone break through, she can improvise from there, right? No one was there to tell her otherwise, so she would slip her sandals off her feet and kick them off towards the wall. Poor abused wall.

Another swift look outside of the window and the sky suddenly went black, though plenty of stars were there in place of it. There was a waning crescent moon present. A sudden shift in the night… Maybe she could take a quick photo of it? Temptation… Temptation…

But ultimately, worth the shot. In fact, April couldn’t see another chance like this coming for another day. With how time seems to work, less. A photographer couldn’t risk missing the chance while it was so beautiful. The sandals could perish, for April went outside with a sparkle in her eyes at the opportunity of getting the shot.

Hastily, she charged out the cottage door with her camera around her neck and her scrapbook in her left hand. The starry sky was still there, a note to mention considering how swift the time is to shift seemingly. Yes! A childish giggle emitted from her lips as she saw her chance.

With a simple lift of the camera, she took aim to obtain a shot with the moon and stars blending their light together, a milky mix that made for great eye candy to show off. To… Someone? Regardless, she clicked once, capturing the starry sky perfectly.

The instant her eyes were brought off the sky, she turned back towards where the cottage would be, a massive empty space left with the blades of grass flowing with the wind. No no, there was DEFINITELY a cottage there, she was inside and there was a bed and… And her sandals! Those were definitely gone as well, come on!

“W-Wha-!?” A scared stutter from the blonde, looking at the scene and taking slow steps into the perimeter.

Nothing but grass for a few steps. Approximately half a minute passed before the golden roll of film stood out deep in a specific circle of dirt, a piece of paper right under it. April’s body shook from the sudden signs of something pulling strings, but she still looked for hope in what she did have left.

“Welcome to Winterland. Here’s a gift for you, good luck.”

No names, but who would not want to claim such beautiful literature? Who cares? April’s eyes just stared at the note, unable to make sense of anything. The roll was a gift for her? For what?

So many questions, but so little answers to be obtained. The only one that mattered concerned her. What was she going to do now?

Chapter: April

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