“Ayyyy, guys!” A static microphone with what sounded like a male voice coming through it, though the taps of every keystroke weren’t muddied in the slightest. Pop filters existed, but not in this call. Mike had a ghetto set-up his own, the left ear of his headphones destroyed by the levels of bass they endured as of recently while the right ear possessed the microphone. Dropping it severely affected the result.

“You’re late to the raid.” A clearer voice came through, a higher-pitched male voice. If he slept for two hours less, he would be seeing hallucinations. This then was followed by undecipherable comments. Seems like a typical voice chat.

“You scheduled me at three in the morning, I hope you drown in the gene pool.” Mike retorted with a smile, lightly chuckling off the rebuke. Another voice made sure to be vocal about his mic, it wasn’t a new meme.

“Bruh, you got some dollar store wi-fi, your voice is chopping.”

“At least I bring the heals, you can piss off if you want a rez.”

Mike loved the toxic nature of a raid group, it brought joy in his heart to have a group to vent with when it came to playing the game. The goal was to get a world record clear for the newest raid in the game, but no one knows the mechanics of the boss quite yet. If they could at least progress towards the final phase, that would be a victory in their eyes.

Now that they stood at the crowded raid gate in their server, they just had to enter. There were bound to be many wipes and many salty screams over the mic, but something about it felt like home to him. A fun excuse to start roasting his friends in his free time for things that most likely wasn’t their fault anyway.

“Healers are gonna adjust today?” One of the DPS players asked sheepishly, Leon, though it was hard to hear since Mike and Leon possessed radio mics.

“I swear if you start eating mechanics I will come over there and beat you senseless.” Mike threatened in jest, for the life of a healer was difficult as it is. Naturally, none of it was meant, for no one knew the mechanics for sure.

“You couldn’t even beat meat, be a good slave healer and give me the mitigation pulse buff.” Ryan came in, a tank.

“I told you, I’M main tanking!” Micah replied, the other tank. They could have handled this during the wait, right?

“You made us wipe during the dungeon runs, you can’t even pull adds right.”

“Can’t we just wait another five minutes to figure this out? “

“I’m going to blow my brains out if I hear another stupid comment like that again.”

More chaos ensued in the party. How they managed to obtain this much progress would seem like a mystery, but this sort of bickering brought them closer. It was weird, through petty conflict came comfort, at least to Mike. This was a family to him, a dysfunctional one, but one that he could rely on to lightly roast him in his free time when he needed something.

Taking a quick sip of his warmed up lemonade, he lightly tapped on his keys as he then remembered his typical strategy. The group eventually died down with their conflicts, giving Mike a chance to go through.

“All right, we got that out of our systems, right? Ready to wipe this?”

“Hell yeah I am. Let’s do this, boys.”

And the party of eight would then enter the gates as their own party. There was peace for the moment before they would finally encounter the boss. It was time to wipe again and again until they obtained victory. And how sweet it will be.


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