Light? Darkness?
What is one without the presence of the other?
Good? Bad?
What does it matter when all will face justice anyways?

Without the presence of one,
The other does not exist.
Even if they were seen by the strongest eyes,
Under a radiating blue sky.

Flow, four letters and the gentle waters swish,
Yet there is no structure within these letters written
One could hope to be a poet with clever words and fancy schemes
What do they all mean in the grand scheme of things?

Light paves through the hellish darkness
Darkness swallows up corrupt justice
Good empties all the wrong in a minute
Bad reveals all that is blinded

All that keeps us spinning
Weighs harshly on our joy and sorrow
If there truly is a presence of one
Do pray that there is an absence of a one-sided tomorrow

Can we tell what is fruitful when all we consume is rotten?
No. Keep heart, so that neither side is forgotten.


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