April: A Frame of Time

“Got it.” A flash of the camera followed and a photo slipped out of the rearend of it, though it stopped halfway through for her pale fingers to grip. An amazing first shot of the meadows, the feel of the camera strap around her neck, this was something for her to enjoy as a hobby. Should her eyes grant her vision, she was going to lock beautiful scenes such onto pieces of paper.

Admittedly, there was little recollection of anything before the present. But there seemed to be no hints of fear or worry with this ignorance. The present was far better to indulge in, and she felt far safer within its gentle grasp.

With the piece of paper in hand, the young photographer waved it gently to quicken the visibility of the picture. Give it a few seconds and there it was, green pastures flowing gently in the wind under a calming blue sky. Unfortunately, some clouds provided grey blots of paint onto an otherwise perfect canvas. Retaking the photo from this angle was pointless unless she could push those silly clouds away, so this was the photo to be settled upon.

Tomorrow is another day.

That said, she needed to venture through the plains as well. There seemed to be nothing in sight and there were basic needs to be handled. So the newly obtained shot of the photo would be placed inside her little scrapbook. Thick, filled with seemingly endless pages, also filled with heavy numbers of photos taken in the “past”.

Past referring to what happened before, though taking a look through them brought her no recollection. Many interesting sights for sure, but nothing that could link to something familiar for her. After all, April felt as though she just woke up while taking this very photo. Should one understand what a dream was like, anyway.

Born with knowledge, yet lacking understanding. Ignorance like this surely couldn’t be so bliss.

One might wonder how the ginger managed to keep her small smile equipped. A lack of awareness granted a weird peace of mind, for there seemed to be little worries. Unsure of the future while remaining alone, yet hopeful that the world played mercy and assured her of some needs. Would a world be so kind to her?

Regardless, April’s steps were confident as the blades of grass lightly brushed against her pale skin. It would only be then when she realized her own clothing, for the sundress couldn’t hide from plain sight forever. Surprisingly simple for one who enjoys a decent view, but white never failed to impress. Just below that, ankle-high black boots. The first time realizing her appearance, it’s a wonder for one to discover their own body and function. Her eyes were struck with awe, one might believe her to act so childishly.

After all, she knew too little. Could one sense a pattern here?

A moment like this is one that could only be obtained once. But she was the photographer and no one was around to come up with the idea. After the shock of discovery wears out, any future similar reaction in an attempt to frame this moment lacked the natural touch of the first. Moments like this were lost.

The fields were not endless, fortunately for her. A familiar sight to one of the seasons, but this was not that one. Spring was her own entity with her own reflections and humble beginning, even with similar traits and characteristics. April Spring found herself to be met with a cottage, a lone cottage in the middle of the day.

Her eyes had a glint of light reflecting off them as she stared. Another picture perfect item.

April took the camera up to her eyes, stood steady annnnnnd… Click! Anticipation coursed through her as the camera processed for a second, then spat out another slip of paper for her to keep. Nothing at first, expected. She then shook it lightly to speed up the process and it should show up.

Another lovely shot of the meadows. Nice! But where was the cottage? April was so sure she didn’t miss such a huge target, yet not even a chunk of it was present in the photo.

Confused didn’t begin to describe her current state, for this was baffling. No, she couldn’t miss that terribly! But with the limited amount of film inside the camera, it would be wasteful to try again. Admittedly, this slightly agitated her, for there are two copies of meadows with dark grey clouds in the background, one of these photos has to be scrapped.

Priorities on the photos instead of trying to figure out the scenario, she was taking coin toss odds of increasing or decreasing the number of headaches she’ll endure with that mentality.

There was nothing left for her to do and nowhere left to go except inside. Plenty of faith to be trusting something such as a random building that botched an otherwise perfect setting. But should one not recognize a pattern, allow this text to repeat it yet again.

She is blessed and cursed with ignorance.

That was enough reason for her to approach the cottage. Simply the fact that there was no reason not to. An optimist and hopeful for the future. An interesting approach for one to take in life, perhaps April might fare quite well in a world that guarantees little safety.

Welcome to Winterland, April Spring.

Chapter: April

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