A Belated Confession

Chocolates and flowers. Perhaps a little late, but did one’s love expire after the holiday has passed? Absolutely not. Though it is unfortunate that you received no gifts, but you’re already content with that, correct? This is the age for dating, it’s time to expect something and give something in return!

It’s a ploy made for businesses to flourish, I get it, I absolutely get it. But I’ll take any scheme to show my love for you. A project that took some time to make, but every drop of love was poured into it. Though humble thanks to barely being able to afford scraps, I hope that my effort bleeds through the little chocolate pieces inside. Though I do hope you forgive me for the strawberry-filled ones, I heard those were unpopular in your family.

With alluring looks designed to melt the coldest of hearts, mixed with a bubbly laugh and a sweet personality. Fun, adventurous, caring, fiery, and absolutely dorky. But you’re my dork. And though I wish to proclaim my love for you, know that no matter what happens, I will be by your side. For you are worth it, from the beginning to the end.

There’s so much more I could add, but I feel it can all be summarized into three words. I, love, you. Cliché, yes. But it’s the truth, and nothing could summarize it better than this. I imagine a future where the both of us are happily together for the rest of our lives. Let that day start today.


For the rest of our lives.

Would you be my Valentine?


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