One Click

A stray cursor flicked through the screen aimlessly, like a wandering pair of eyes in a stray meadow. Through its movements were hasty and reckless, every swipe and click gave it a command and control. This was a nice feeling, for the mouse was able to navigate a whole web of sites at the mere mention of it. And most of it was good, most was trustworthy. Perhaps one could even slip up and be forgiven. Mercy.

Naturally, a mouse must be aware of mousetraps, for the world does not possess perfection. As long as it stood safely in its own territory, everything should be keen.

Of course, it didn’t take long for that simple rule to be broken. Curiosity killed the cat, did it not? Being a stray left its fate to itself, so the clicks continued.

“Free Gems Should You Answer These Two Surveys”

“Call This Number, Your Computer Has a Virus!

Lies are believable to the stray that never learned from the mistakes of others. Perhaps there were no mistakes to witness in the first place. The thought of threats and free unknown currencies brought interest and fear through the core of the mouse. It rapidly jolted.

And then it clicked.

In no way was it instantaneous, but one could see a slow blue fade over the layout of it’s world. An infestation of unknown binary swept over the free void, looking to catch the mouse and everything is possessed. Though it fled, the other end of the box trapped it to a corner. Inanimate, yet still afraid of danger.

Welcome to the Blue Screen.


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