“Loves me, love me not. Loves me, loves me not. Loves m-“

“Most guys do this while their crushes are away,” Heather interrupted, rolling her eyes as she kicked her legs against the fence behind them. A certain idiot was playing such a childish game in front of her, on purpose, with her in his thoughts. Max was an odd one, but who couldn’t admire bravery? Bravery and stupidity are one and the same if this boy was an example of either.

Max looked up from the ground to face the girl. The cheeky smile of one who comes off a bit too playful. At least there was always good intent in his actions as far as she could tell, even if he did get on her every last nerve at times. Now might be one of those times.

“But you’re right here.” He replied with a singsong tone dripping from his lips. Ooooo, he was so lucky he wasn’t in kicking distance. Track after school took everything out of her.

“And you need to take a hint.” She retorted, leaning back with her legs hooked so that her arms could stretch upwards. Dinnertime was coming soon, so Heather had a few more minutes to endure before walking back inside.

“She obviously loves me, she couldn’t possibly not love me, she absolutely loves me.” And so the poor flower perished as it was being stripped away of all petals that made it so beautiful. Ravishing nature for some stupid game of fate, this was an absolute moron in front of her.

Yet there she was, watching the idiot for her entertainment. The same way a car crash was also a form of entertainment. A sick and twisted sight to see, yet something glues your eyes to it. This was her self-inflicted torture, though it was amusing at times. For the most part, he was just annoying.

“Oh! Rumor has it that your birthday is coming up next week. Friday, right?” Max asked, stopping the little game in the process. Hooray? It was a weird time to suddenly remember, but at least he did. Considerate idiot.

“Who’s asking?” She replied nonchalantly, pressing her palms against the surface of the wooden fence. It was nice that he was interested, now he had her attention in exchange. Of course, there was no need for him to know of that. “Is it written on my face?”

“Come onnnn,” Max whined. “Gimme some credit!”

“I digress.” Heather dismissed, waving her left hand to him as if she brushed him off. Away, peasant. “You know where my family is right now.”

“Hey, I got my first paych-“

“If you even dare…” There was no way Heather would let this boy waste his first profits for something so minor. Everyone gets closer to death with each day that passes, why should the passing of a specific one be celebrated?

“Too late!” Max’s stupid sheepish smile that followed through right after his implication just sent all new levels of stress through her body.

And so he would pluck out a couple tickets from his pocket. How generous of him to keep them from being bent, but perhaps still viable. Surprisingly familiar red and blue patterns were on each ticket. But nothing that could be recognized at first.

“Come on, you never take time off for yourself.” He explained, waving the tickets up. “On your birthday, after school, meet me at the arcade!”

“And what if I say no?” Heather retorted, sneering at him from above. Of course, Maxs’ words was something that bled through her defenses every time.

“Are you?” He asked, tilting his head.

“No…” Max beat her at her own game.

“She loves me!” Ahhh, there he was again, plucking the last petal. Slander! Lies! But before given the chance, he would quickly run off with the tickets back to the safety of his house. The sun falling was a perfect excuse. “See you then!”

And Heather could try to lean to chase, but that jump was going to strain her legs far worse than the climb did. It was best to let him get away with his delusions. Stupid, yes. But his heart was in the right place. The least she could do was throw him a bone as usual.

The bullied flower was left behind, left with the petals it once had now being used as a mattress for the stem.

At last, the door of her neighbor slammed harshly as the boy finally left her line of sight. Night followed up quickly, forcing the street lights to activate, though not a single one found light hitting her way. It was time to climb down.

“Maybe a little…” She muttered, thinking of him to be the dork that gave her a reason to think of herself as higher than someone. Yet, there he was, smiling. Happy over the dumbest little things. Unafraid of the results of his actions.

Right, she had a bowl of soup to eat. And her birthday was something she might look forward to. One could never predict someone as bliss and unaware as Max. An adventure. Yes, that’s the perfect word to describe him.


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