The Filler Chronicles: The Atrocious Beginning

Aha! You thought you’d find a story, but it is I! Filler!

I paid my sub to meme on my own blog like this. Oh how lovely.

So yes, let’s make a series with absolutely no purpose for the sake of writing filler. Quality? Effort? None of that, throw those right out the window. Welcome to Winterland, m8.

“The Story of Nothing” has nothing on this, for that character could never meme like I do. Now to rant at you harder than your parents. This is the first edition of The Filler Chronicles!

Will there be any consistency with these posts? Absolutely not, I just write about whatever is on my mind! Could there be updates on the blog? Maaaaaybe. But this is just a way to have some fun for the most part.

Any questions? No. Beautiful. Let’s begin!

Hi! It’s yo boi. My name is Noel, and my character’s name is Noel. Could this perhaps be a self-insert. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- No. See! I couldn’t come up with any other names. I went through many of them, but Noel sounded the best despite having the character already in mind. So the author stole his alias from his creation. Hey, I gave it to him, I do what I want!

Perhaps this is a way for us to get to know each other better. Except, I’m doing all the talking. You do all the reading. And I don’t get much out of you either. Oh.

I talk myself into corners, isn’t that a fun lil’ quirk? Isn’t it? ISN’T IT!?

Back to the chronicle! So yeah, I’m Noel. And I like to write and stuffz. Been doing creative writing for the past decade and it’s been a fun time. Writing short stories is the best way for me to express new ideas and keep track of how I’ve improved over time. Will I improve over time? Maybe. BUT, it’s fun writing in the process and showing it off to you guys!

Fun Fact: It’s also my first time making a website. I know, hard to believe with half of the titles being blurred out by the pictures behind them. But yes, this is a new experience to get my works out there, but I am learning to progress as time goes by.

I also like Despacito memes to this day, two years after the song came out.

Now that you all hate me, it’s a perfect time for me to say nice to meet you! Thanks for checking out the blog and I hope to keep you all entertained with stories. Soon, I’ll try to branch out once I figure out what to do. For now, hopefully you all enjoy a few good reads!

See you in the next one!

-Noel Winter

P.S – Hazelnut boba tea is my favorite drink so far. Does anyone care? Yes-pacito.


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