Conflicts of the Faithless [Part One]



Breathe! Come on! Wake up!

“HAZEL!” A manlier voice shouted harshly. Every word he said grew louder and louder, fading from the pitch black sea that she could see. Her name was the only recognizable one, unfortunately.

A massive headache was the only indicator for some danger being nearby. Even then, for Hazel to obtain that conclusion required her to reach. Many other thoughts flew through her mind, nothing makes any sense. Still, there was a battle being fought. And that name was recognized and assigned to her. Seems like amnesia was off the table, but whatever happened recently was a mere blur.


That word never left her mind. Her will desired to move, but her body was helplessly held down by her lack of strength. Some hunter she was, unable to die in this critical state. All she could do was take desperate breaths, looking for some form of strength to work off of. Though Hazel could get in a few twitches, her efforts were vain.

What did get her body to jolt suddenly was a couple gunshots nearby, way too close for any comfort. The muffled voice of the man went away, though a thud followed shortly after the silence. Ah, fatality. Something told her she shouldn’t accept it so much, but it wasn’t like Hazel cared for a nameless voice. It wasn’t like his screaming helped her damning headache.


Who cares!? She was breathing! What did it matter, the situation around her seemed hopeless anyways.

A sudden foot stomped onto her stomach, her eyes popping right open from the sharp pain the heavy weight of his body inflicted onto her. It was a small moment of being crushed, only for the foot to be lifted a second later. Hazel felt numb from the experience, hearing footsteps soon follow after. Seems like she was being treated like a dead body.

At least she was awake, though her voice was mute. With how dry her throat was, she was lucky to even be breathing anymore. A drained body couldn’t move, her eyes had to be forced awake to stare at a hopeless purple sky. Raids of planes and phoenix birds were flying diagonally out of sight. War. One of the sides was advancing as well.

Hazel’s eyes shifted to the left. Bodies. To the right, she found a familiar tan face with hollow green eyes and a little hole on his forehead. Good job, Xavier. Worrying about a dead body when there is time to escape. A fitting ending for one who is weak.

Now to not make the same mistake by trying to move. A foot to the gut may make her cough out blood at worst. The head would be a much different story.


Forget trying to move, that couldn’t be some voice in her head. An intruder? Dispelling active mana in her mind serves to be a difficult task, but a fruitless attempt may still damage whatever bond is happening.

Though her body was weak, there were still traces of mana moving throughout her body. What a waste, they weren’t able to reach past her neck before fizzing out moments later. Drained off all her energy, mana, why can’t the world just take her life now? At least then she can roam around as some spirit, binds of clans no longer existing. Let a free spirit be free.

A new stranger took cautious steps up to her, and his deadly gaze and menacing fiery aura around him indicated that maybe he knew of Hazel’s consciousness. But that was just a guess.

Nope, he bent down to grip tightly around her throat. Hazel couldn’t move, no matter how much pain she was feeling. His hand pressed hard against her neck, fighting for the ground. Not even an audible choke could be heard, the most satisfaction to be given was her eyes being raised widely. They were deathly afraid of death despite how much she begged for it before. Perhaps it wasn’t death she feared at all.

It was life. There was value in taking a commander hostage, after all.

Hazel couldn’t breathe.

Not even a half of a minute passed by before she fell limp to his grip, all senses being completely cut from the world. Unfortunately for her, she was not a spirit.

“I’ve found her.”

Instead, her body dangled pathetically over his shoulder. All of the magic being fired from all around and he walked through the forest like there were none in the beginning. Who wouldn’t be so confident with a victory assured?


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