Valor: Memories

There was a memory of a scattered set of thumbtacks dropping onto the ground as one king lost his temper. An alliance once forged to keep peace no longer could withstand the weight of a kingdom’s desperation. There was no such thing as content while there was more to be gained. Yet the situation stood where it was, now there was total war.

A crowd stood below as Niko made his declarations, reaching out an open right palm to address them as his own. The king swore to protect his people through these hard times, for his kingdom would soon collapse in the cold grip of war. While the walls of the kingdom stood as tall as they did, not a single man could enter. Still, that did not mean they should be careless, for trying times were soon to come. Something must give for one to receive, but he would be pressed for it to be his own people.

“For our lives! For our honor! For our kingdom!”

The people chanted, arming themselves with weaponry from all sorts of armories that day. Though many were struck by concerning levels of fear, this kept their guard high on the enemy. That was good, for Niko could boost their morale through lies for so long. No wall was invincible, this one was bound to collapse considering the forces that seemed to be approaching. A rude awakening was arriving.

Another small silence would remain in the void where all his memories were.

Niko was seen with a fist slammed down onto the table, teeth clenched tightly with rage as his eyes looked at the council members in front of him. The moment the alliance was broken, for one wanted to manipulate power into their hands. No one realized it until it was too late, for the one who did so had their plans seemingly foiled before walking out of the room.

Mysterious raids followed right after, attacks launched in order to obtain resources. The one who did it was careful to avoid leaving traces behind, resulting in the lives of many disappearing so quickly. The number of death threats Niko received brought a lack of peace in his life. Every single letter was taken seriously, for there was a being out there with the potential to make anyone disappear.

“What about the children!?”

“What ABOUT the children! Out woman! OUT!”

Regretful words that echoed in his head, his wife deserved far better. There was no peace in his mind, he made his family vanish in front of his eyes with his paranoia. No one could be trusted.

A vigilante may end his plans.

Memories that sunk deep into Niko’s heart brought him pain, and through pain came motivation. One became true to pure desperation at the brink of death.

Under a kingdom soon to perish, Niko couldn’t fib well enough when the moment mattered.


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