I let the rope around my finger unravel as the plastic circle reached its end, then it came back up to my finger with no rope left in the middle. It was snowing, and this was the best idea for one to have a good time? The internet seemed to provide some form of entertainment beyond a toy going up and down, yet my finger refused to let this motion stop.

Traveling through the sidewalks of a suburban neighborhood while doing that was a good way to get cardio. It wasn’t like I was the pinnacle of a healthy body, though I’d be hard pressed to say this body is overweight. Average? Perhaps in this country, but that wasn’t the expectation I desired for myself. Any excess weight on me, I’m burning it off through these walks. Fresh air was supposed to help with this sort of stuff, right?

People weren’t roaming about like one would expect in a Charles Schultz cartoon, though perhaps the details would suggest I’m far older than a community of that age anyways. In my defense, it wasn’t like being a dependent college student was that far off from being a child anyways. I’m the one with the free time to walk around the neighborhood, so I at least had that working in my favor.

The string of the yo-yo twisted too much, knotting itself and forcing the toy to wobble. Oh, come on, there was a severe lack of control. Recovering the yo-yo back to its original state was difficult while still trying to continue the game. It wasn’t much of a surprise when the toy was left dead a few moments later, hanging aimlessly for dear life. Now it was just a pendulum.

Now my focus was locked onto the scenery in front of me. Streets with plenty of cars driving by, restaurants and shops every now and then followed by a few bushes and trees. Things were organized by plazas surrounded by nature, a mixture of the two to keep business and nature alive. Interesting, though nothing amusing. These were sights seen every day while driving on campus

Nothing seemed too festive these days, for the holidays passed and everyone was returning to their assigned duties. The feeling was unfortunate, for the feeling of unity and closeness wasn’t so active, not for me anyways. But that made the holidays special, they were rare and enjoyable, right? Should everyday be a holiday, nothing would be so special about them. National holidays hardly counted.

It wasn’t a busy town, and everyone seemed as plain as they have always been. Yet everyone talked about doing something new, something to motivate them to be better people this year. I was no exception, and that was something new to aspire to. Though the yo-yo was a toy, it made the walk far less insufferable. Though my breathing will eventually dry out and my legs will feel sore, something must keep me from feeling all of the work.

There was still one thing left for me to enjoy. Though my wallet takes massive hits and I’ll soon be bombarded with heaps of work, there is a goal that is above those things.

And so, I wind the toy again, looking to drop it down once more. One step closer. A new year, a far better me.


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