The Story of Nothing

It’s literally nothing.

Or perhaps something if you consider this dialogue entertainment. Welcome, I’m sure you’ll find some value in reading this.

Maybe not.

But you are still here regardless. One might call this an aimless ploy to fill an uninspired mind. And you’re right. Not many ideas came from these photos anyways, and here I thought I’d have some inspiration.

Since everything starts from nothing anyways, I figured that I would write a story about nothing anyways. So here we are!

Perhaps there is some deeper meaning to nothing anyways. I could take a crack at it!


Anything divided by nothing is something close to one. There is no real answer, because the answer may not be real. Yet it exists. Since it exists, it may as well be real. Yet there is no proof that the answer is real or it exists. One might state that it’s the number 1, but that is not something that can be proven, only speculated. Mmm, based on what I know.

How do I know this anyways?

Did that tangent make any sense? I’d hope not, I just went off of everything in the previous sentence. In a way, it does make sense.

Let’s go off of that! I don’t know how I was created or how I came to be, I just suddenly became aware of my presence and walked around with things that claim to be knowledge. I never witnessed any of these facts, yet I accept them as such. Can they be proven? Most of them, not quite. I can breathe, but I haven’t the slightest clue if there is such thing as a bed of flowers. Sure, it sounds like a fun time, but does it exist?

The photos? Well those could easily be faked. There’s something that tells me they exist, even while the positive assertion of the argument can’t prove it. Interesting to believe, but all I know is that this is some dome.

Maybe I’m nothing, since I don’t exist. I can still influence, but I don’t exist. I may as well exist if I can influence, but perhaps that just means physically. Hey, I can bring tears to a few eyes if I put my mind to it! Maybe…

Hm, even now. I have a platform even though I am nothing, given the chance to reach out to you. It’s a fun thought to speculate, could I speak like this forever? Perhaps, but I assume one could tire of this rather quickly.

Drink your water if you haven’t.

I think this is where this story ends. A story of nothing but speculation. Hope you like it!

-Noel Winter

P.S: No photos for this story. Come onnn, it’s hard to give a picture to such a concept. No pictures works for a story about nothing!

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