Valor: Redemption

“Hmph.” A dismissive taunt was used to acknowledge Niko. A man with black heavy armor looked down with beady golden eyes merely sneered at the thought of a battle ending so quickly after all the build-up. Threats to prevent the total war that broke out between two kingdoms, yet this was all the strength one possessed? Pathetic.

With that, another slice of the shortsword landed onto Niko’s cheek, twisting his body to the side and forced him to stumble back. A stray wagon caught his body from falling, for he was in a tired haze that one felt from exhaustion. A tireless warrior was in front of him, a king must not be so quick to fall. Niko just couldn’t keep up, his wild method of brushing through typical footsoldiers served close to useless in a duel, especially against a foe designed to handle close combat.

A sudden flaming arrow flew over his shoulders towards the armored tyrant, an archer managed to get an attack to come close! Yet with the swing of the red blade, the flame of the arrow dispersed. As punishment for the attempt, the sword was flicked downwards towards the archer who carried out the attack. The blade took no more than a second to dig its way into the chest of the archer, a killing blow to punish their daring action.

Niko witnessed an opening, without the blade in his hand, the armored man was unable to defend himself. A desperate ploy to shift the tides in his favor, his rapier would aim towards the right eye of the man. But that was too good to be true. Even now, after being bloodied and cut up the way he has been, Niko was still acting so rashly.

The tip of the rapier met the red blade’s flat side yet again, the sword materialized. A weapon summon with perfect timing to create the perfect defense, the one chance to end this in Niko’s favor slipped out of his hands.

“Foolish.” The armored man insulted, raising a big right foot to his gut to make an offensive move on his own. Pushing against it would causing Niko to fall back against the wagon, crashing through the wooden sides and falling into the container. At best, there was a moment for him to squirm in his attempts to recover his footing.

No such luck, for the same foot was placed on his gut yet again, this time with heavy weight pressing hard against him. Niko screamed from the pain being inflicted, eyes and lips wide open to the point where they might break if they were opened any further. His body was burning as if he himself caught the previous arrow to the gut. Eating was going to be a painful chore should he survive this encounter.

But nothing was interfering with the two, for the example made out of the archer was more than enough to invoke fear into the hearts of Niko’s soldiers. With lowered morale, the thought of attacking the man sounded more like a death wish. His men stood down and mowed down the smaller enemies in hopes that one of their partners would take the role. None of them did.

“Two seconds.” The man stated before raising his blade upwards, the aim being the head. “That is all the time you have to pray… Time’s up.”

At a time where one is so close to death, a recollection of their life flashes through their eyes before being embraced by the cold grip of death. Niko never understood the phrase until now, for he experienced the same thing. However, it was all but a flash. Every detail, every moment, it felt so vivid and normal to him. Perhaps it was like a lucid dream where all felt real despite it being in his head.

“For our lives. For our honor. For our kingdom.”

Undying words that bestowed his men. They soaked his memories, it was his motto for his people while he was king.


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