Noel: Stray Fiction

Every step he took was light and cautious. Something happened to that cottage, Noel knew full-well that he was once sitting down while writing in the journal. Those pine trees he saw as well, they couldn’t possibly be a hallucination, they were so vivid and lively out in the snow. But reality suggested that neither were there, the only one being somewhat justified being the cottage. The journal was inside, Noel took it out. Now it was his, even if he left the house behind.

Aimless steps were taken, not a single footprint left uncovered by the falling snow. His eyes were dull and his legs were beginning to tire out, for it has been hours since he had seen something of interest. The dome had so much space, yet none of it was being utilized for any activities for a lone character such as himself. Everything was so bland, so pathetic, just aimless flakes fluttering from the sky and falling down onto him endlessly.

The previous three stories were somewhat better, not really shoving down morals down anyone’s throats. Despite this, they lacked something to be desired. Nothing kept his eyes on the pages, for there was nothing to lure him in. Just words, it made for a boring sight. Unfortunately for him, his drawing skills were lackluster compared to his writing. The typical stick figure joke could be made at this point, but admittedly, even that seemed difficult. Noel has never drawn before.

A beacon of hope would soon shine its light onto him, for his eyes could see something other than the white surface of the snow below his feet. Yes, perhaps this was the opening Noel was looking for. Something eventful, some writing material maybe? Though he would love to run, his stomach urged him not to. The first time he has ever felt hunger, but Noel has yet to see a meal on this venture. A work of fiction, he didn’t know how to hunt or if there was even anything to hunt.

Upon reaching the new color, he found that it was a red book. The book had a photo on the cover, it looked to be a set of mountains. A new environment he could write about perhaps. Noel didn’t hesitate to lift the book from the snow, smacking the snow covering it to the side to clean it off. With the turn of the cover, he found more pictures inside. Every picture was protected by some plastic cover, four rectangular pictures per page.

His eyes lit up at the sight, such a variety in the pictures. Every page that he flipped brought out something new, more concepts, more visuals! Something that felt so real to him, he needed to keep this. Whoever lost this can perish, this was something Noel wanted for himself. Without hesitation, he took some pictures out that he felt worked with the current stories that he had before closing the book shut. There was no glue for him to use, but loose pictures in his journal worked better than none.

And so Noel got on his knees to place the journal down so that he could begin organizing the pictures into the pages of the journal. While they didn’t exactly match what he wanted, they were visuals that added more to the stories that he wrote down. This was a blissful day, now his stories had some visuals to keep a reader attached. The real world might appreciate them a bit more and that made him happy.

But his stomach disagreed, growling yet again. This time, it was painful enough to make him clench his gut. Food… Noel was beginning to starve. He was still in the middle of nowhere, there had to be a way to get out of this situation.

So he stood up yet again, looking forward with two books in his hands. When Noel looked forward yet again, a shadow of a human-like figure stood at a far distance. Danger approaching? Perhaps, but it was fading away. He could ignore their presence and turn the other direction, but that made for an abrupt and short story. Noel was unsure if he could defend himself with two books and a pen on an empty stomach.

Yet he wasn’t the wisest at the moment, willing to take his chances and stepping forward towards the shadow to see who or what it could be. Finally, things that didn’t blend in with the mind-numbing snow.

Chapter: Noel

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