Cookies and Cream

Samantha and Matthew sat on the couch with a pack of cookies in front of them on the glass table. There was a movie playing on the flatscreen, though there was little substance to the story about it. Due to the poor performance of the rented movie, the couple began to ridicule the flaws of the movie. One had to make the night fun, witty and not-so-witty sarcastic quips were how they had to bond.

While they had their fun, Matthew was bound to make a fatal mistake. It was his wife that enjoyed the cookies, he merely ate it the same way one ate popcorn at the movie theater. Hm, make that popcorn without butter. At first, instinctively swallowing down the cookies without much thought. This cookie was bound to cause a reaction, from both boredom and a sinful mistake.

With a firm grip on the edges of the hardened chocolate pieces, he would twist the top of it off neatly before throwing it off to the couch. One might be willing to eat the cookie in that state, but that act was like throwing it into the sink with this couple. No five-second rule or anything, the chocolate is tainted.

“Matthew?” A hushed beckon was used to lure his head down towards the shorter blonde. She was looking out towards the other side of the couch, hazel eyes darting at the stranded chocolate circle. “What is that!?”

The sudden reaction caused Matthew’s eyes to raise, it was such a calming moment a while ago. But her questions didn’t stop there. Before given the chance to respond, her left arm suddenly darted out with thin pointer finger confirming her target.

“Is that the cookie? Why would you toss it away?” Samantha asked with a voice that sounded betrayed. Her tone was bleeding with ironic emotion to mask the sheer boredom she was undergoing. Once this act started, it was difficult to stop it.

“I wanted the cream.” He replied nonchalantly. Wrong answer.

“You didn’t want the cookie!?” She replied before reaching forward, gripping the edge of the cookie package.

Samantha wasted no time bringing it back to begin a demonstration. Not to say that Matthew didn’t try thinking of a way to interject, but the problem wasn’t obvious enough for him to come up with a clever quip in time. One who held his peace was bound to stick to it, defusing the situation was better than letting it go through.

“Matt, look at the layers of the cookie on the picture.” Samantha started, pointing her finger onto the illustration. “There are two layers of chocolate cookies and one layer of cream. You threw sixty-six percent of the cookie away!”

“I-I didn’t throw the other cookie away yet.” Matthew stuttered, looking back to the cookie on the side just awkwardly staring at the quarreling lovers. Something about the flat placement on the surface made the cookie feel isolated and alone. “I threw away thirty-three percent.”

“I’m one-hundred percent going to-“

Matthew didn’t wait a moment longer, stuffing the remaining portion of the cookie into her opened lips to silence her.

“Shhhhhhhhh.” He hushed, placing the tip of his finger on her lips, a calm smile equipped on his own. Muffles of protest aimed to push through the cookie, but Samantha’s sweet tooth could not resist the taste of the cookie on her tongue.

Her mouth was slowly losing sound, now being soothed by the sweet treat instead. There was even a flicker of light reflecting off the edge of her eye, it seems she was satisfied yet again. She looked beautiful with that cat-like smile.

At last, Samantha rested her head on his shoulder and looked forward at the screen. The dull movie was just as dull as ever, just the way they liked it. Matthew placed his arm around her to bring her tight, moments like this brought warmth in the winter.


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