Noel: Traceless World

“Hm…” Noel looked down at the works he had in front of them. Two so far, not the most appealing two for people to enjoy either. Sure, they possessed some sort of moral, but did he want to start lecturing? Entertainment couldn’t possibly be about mere life lessons in the form of writing. One would be deterred if that was the case. Still, these were the ideas that came to mind in this cottage. Perhaps it would be best to go back out to get some fresh air, not without bringing this new journal with him. Whatever he saw outside, he was going to take it with him for inspiration.

It wasn’t like he was the most prepared to walk out from the house anyways, wearing a mere red v-neck with a pair of jeans. There was no known reason for it, but the cold outside felt so warm and welcoming to him. One might believe it to be a place for him to collect his thoughts, which is why the inside seemed more like a workspace. Still, if thoughts like a girl reflecting on bad memories and another girl caught in a mentally hopeless cycle was all he could muster in this cottage, he needed to go to a place of comfort.

Inspiration, he needed ideas running through comfort. Perhaps he could make stories based on the things he finds. Noel was unable to recall the dome’s environment, it was as foreign to him as it was to the one’s he write these entries to.

He closed the journal on his desk and stood up from the desk before looking outside the window right next to the door. Light snow as usual, a perfect climate to be walking through. An approving calm smile was placed on his lips as he would take light steps towards the door.

A slight pang of guilt was felt as he did this. Noel couldn’t help but look behind to see the desk all alone without the journal or pen on the surface. Perhaps he would take it if he could, but that would be an inconvenience more times than not. It was unknown to him as to why the wave of guilt came to loom over him, but the feeling was as real as he was.

It wasn’t real.

Turning his head back over to the door, he would hesitantly reach for the door handle. With a quick twist, the opening would reveal a soft sheet of snow present in front of him along with pine trees out in the distance. A whole world was outside of this cottage, his green eyes gleamed as he witnessed such beauty.

Noel didn’t even give stepping outside a second thought, nearly throwing himself out of the door in excitement. It took a quick few seconds for his body to grow comfortable with the cold, but then it finally warmed up the feeling. Couldn’t he work outside for the rest of his life? Hopefully the people out in reality could hear him from outside of the cottage, for he needed this environment in his life. Perhaps even more, a blizzard sounded like heaven.

Oh right, he forgot to close the door behind him. In his excitement, he quickly shifted his body around.

Nothing. The cottage wasn’t behind him. There was only a blank slate, snow adding layers upon layers in the snow storm. Not a trace was left behind,

Well that was okay! There was an amazing scenery for Noel to explore and gain ideas from. The trees were pretty much guiding him down a path to see some new things. Who needed that uncomfortable cottage anyways? He had his journal and pen, the rest of it could disappear because all of the material he needed was outside!

Turning around again would bring even more unfortunate news for him to face, for trees wouldn’t be present when he looked. Just as blank as the spot where the cottage was at. Everything disappeared in front of him, leaving him to stare at the empty world without a clue as to where to move next.

“H-Hello…?” He asked with a shiver, freaking out over the thought of another presence with him. Nothing was revealed upon his call, but something must have made these things disappear. A lure to bring him outside? Mmm… There was just not enough information yet.

Noel did know one thing. The only step for him was forward. All he had was a blank slate in his hand with two stories. With the number of pages left, he needed material to inspire him.

Soft steps would be taken in the snow, but not a trace would be left, for the snowfall covered the imprints shortly after. No turning back now.

Chapter: Noel

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