A young woman held a soft gaze upon the clear waters, the rush of the falls pouring into it becoming white noise. It’s been a while since the moment that took all life away from the calming waters, yet there she stood. Surviving the madness of a crooked world, where even the peaceful are unable to be left from the agendas of those who desired power. Where there is value, there is danger.

The blood that once coated the dirt below her feet was washed away by a year’s worth of rainfall, leaving no traces of a family lost to a child. While she was off running with a man, her mother was being strangled and her father was being beaten over the head with the wrong end of a blade. Not even swift deaths, slow ones, those were the ones that the invaders relished. What thrill did it bring them to witness such torment?

It was as if she was meant to perish with her family, following their rules and die as a single unit. But no, running off to find a stranger to toy with was her preferred course of action, now she was regretful of the day that decision was made.

Such calming waters brought back the grudges and hate felt towards the unknown attackers. Long black locks flowed down her back, tangled messes from the little sleep she has obtained within the past few days. The same way the blood of her family painted the blades of grass below her feet, she would love to dye her hair with the blood of her tormentors. A new shade didn’t sound so bad, a redhead performed well in terms of social status.

Despite the wrath rising up in her body, her steps were calm as she walked across the edge of the river. There was not a single trace of chaos left in these woods, it was all bottled up in her memories. One year has gone by and not a single word was spoken about the incident by anyone. No one was going to avenge her family, no one even knew of her presence well enough to care. Becoming a vigilante was the route she wanted to take for so long.

And yet, she couldn’t bring herself to lift up a weapon to them. There was fear, but there was also regret. Perhaps this was what she deserved, for being so rebellious in order to satisfy her own desires. Maybe it would have been better to stay with her family, at least then she wouldn’t be reflecting upon these things, but to instead be walking among them in the afterlife.

There was still a way to do that. But the woman could never bring herself to do it.

A certain value came with life. It is so precious because it is so limited. The life that her family was unable to live, it was something that she wanted to live. The struggle came through being able to move on, for the young woman was still a little girl who leaned on those she thought she didn’t need.

Her reflection blurred as her eyes added small droplets in the river. A sign of weakness, perhaps. Crying was never a sin in her eyes, it was natural for a human to do as such. Weak knees buckled helplessly for a few seconds before giving in to gravity, pulling them to the ground in turn as she let it all flow.

The state of the river couldn’t lie to her, but it could still comfort her. For another day of life would present itself to her every time she woke up, It was difficult, but the water was a reminder of what she lost so that she still had something left to live for.

And that gentle right hand would always find her here, placing itself right on her shoulder every single time to remind her of one thing. Perhaps there is someone still worth fighting for. There was regret, but not all the fruit of her choices were costly.

Every time she turned her head back over her shoulder, her eyes laid upon that familiar messy brown hair and calm smile. It was as if all of the pain was melted away by his presence. Another reason to keep pushing forward.

Hello Stranger.


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